Rock The Planet

Terms and Conditions

Jo Jingles Franchisees and Famous Fish Music Ltd (trading as Rock the Planet)

  1. This licence allows individual Jo Jingles franchisees to access and use copyright music and materials belonging to Famous Fish Music Limited subject to compliance with the following terms and conditions.
  2. Paying the annual subscription to Rock the Planet entitles you to use any of the music or resources found on the Rock the Planet membership site within your Jo Jingles classes, for one calendar year.
  3. Rock the Planet or kindyRock logos are NOT to be used without prior permission from Judi Cranston or Famous Fish Music Ltd.
  4. Each franchisee may use the music or resources within and for the purposes of their Jo Jingles franchise or for personal use.
  5. This licence will also cover up to two other teachers working within their unique Jo Jingles franchise. Each unique license is not to be shared amongst other franchisees.
  6. If you have more than two teachers working in your unique franchise you must contact Famous Fish Music for an extension of your licence to cover additional teachers. Any cost associated with extra teachers is at the discretion of Famous Fish Music.
  7. This licence to use Rock the Planet material and music is only valid when your license fee is up to date and must be renewed annually via the Rock the Planet platform or Famous Fish Music.
  8. If the licence fee lapses then you and your teachers can no longer use the music in your classroom.
  9. Once the licence fee has lapsed any material that has been downloaded can still be used but only for personal use of the Jo Jingles franchisee only NOT the teachers working with them, and subject to clause 8 above.

Famous Fish Music Ltd
1461 Clevedon-Kawakawa Rd
RD 5 Papakura
Auckland 2585, New Zealand
P: 0064 92922121