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  • Need fresh ideas?
  • Want to learn some new songs?
  • Need some help with keeping children engaged at music time?
  • Do you want some music lesson plans for toddlers?
  • Or maybe you don’t know where to start to lead a fun music session?

WHAT’S in the Teachers Club?

The kindyRock Teachers Club PORTAL

Over 150 Songs, Games and Activities, Demo Videos and Teaching Notes.

Mini Training (3 – 5 mins) – How to videos

In depth Videos (5 – 20 mins) – Philosophy, Neuroscience and more

Quarterly/Term Surprise Pack

New themes every 3 months.

Lesson plans for 3 different age groups

New games and activities with videos.

Ongoing Support

Teachers Online Workshop every quarter with Q and A

Teachers Community FB group

For the Kids

Kids Online Party

kindyRock App with Parents and Teacher access

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